“If you cannot do anything good, at least do no harm” Dalai Lama.



That’s the background relevant to others. There’s not much need for you to swim around in miseries of the past unless you’re my shrink.


That’s relevant. For me mostly! Physically challenges is in the forefront. Mentally it’s the coping, that’s challenging. Realising every day how lucky I am.


Communication skills above average – Meaning: I paint and write! And I’m not all bad at it either.


She’s 20 now (in 2013). The most wonderful gift I ever had – for a while. Then she disappeared into her own world for  a while. Now she’s back – stronger than ever. She can accomplish anything she sets her mind to and her ‘chosen 1’ is a wonderful kid as well. I’m lucky to be a part of their lives.


One Response to “Background”

  1. Niels Olsen Says:

    Hej Tina
    som medlem af Kærets redaktion, så jeg dit læserbrev og måtte klikke ind på din blog.
    Nu ‘skimmet’ med stor interesse.
    Du behersker det danske sprog flot.
    Se min hjemmeside http://www.no-shadow.dk – links til ‘under-siderne’ på forsiden.
    Siderne ‘gadeblog’ og ‘Pluto’ er nylig opdateret.
    Venlig hilsen
    Niels Olsen, Gadekæret

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