Listening to a sales pitch today after having attended the otherwise very interesting introduction to a program: “Look, this training system is thousands of years old, and has been beneficial to so many people and I travelled to 5 different places in the world to obtain the expertise that I’m now offering you the benefits of – for only $99.99 and there’s more, … “
Made me want to burp and now I wonder this:
If mankind were able to discover the benefits of fire and keep in mind how to tame it to use in everyday life, how come this system of yours got lost to such a degree, that you had to travel half the globe – preferably the East if it’s about healing or Qi or something equally exotic, South America if it’s the secrets of chocolate or … , well, you get the picture!?
Who was in charge of filing that day and misplaced the instructions to such a degree, that only what a few noble Masters had contained in their mind was passed on from generation to generation until the ancestors of the ‘archive-boy’ finally after thousands of years of searching found the file behind the holy jaded sofa?
I mean, it’s NOT that I’m not believing what I’m told.
It’s the use of “It’s thousands of years old, so per definition it’s VERY good”!
I’m fed up with thousand year old of somethings.
What about some new fresh sales pitches instead:
“Some tells about this being founded long time ago, but I’m offering you a modern, fresh approach to what otherwise would take years of practice just to get through the title of!”
THAT would get my attention in a jiffy! I’d even venture a guess it’d be mould free and freshly dusted! Right for me to buy?
Jus’ sayin’!
It’s NOT a quality on and of its own, that something is ‘ancient’, is it?
It wouldn’t be forgotten if it was effective, would it?
What would the benefit have been – in ancient times – if the king’s soldiers was prevented from healing their wounds in only 2 weeks (‘and the complementary digestive healing on top’ in a cheerful manner) because it was only a select few possessing the healing mantra? Wouldn’t those ancient people have made sure their young men got the best treatment the kingdom could provide in order for them to be even stronger before their enemies?
It’s a riddle to me as a consumer, that I’m believed to be so gullible, that I’ll be hot in my pants eager to buy a product just because it’s from ancient somewhere! If they tried to sell a cheese that way, I’m sure it wouldn’t hold up!
…” But there’s an old sayin’ …” – yes, and if there’s an old saying, then it’s the final word in the debate, because old sayings are always both sane and true! Right? Right! Not!

Now, what I need Google, or whomever is in charge of those matters to invent, is a mail-and-add-search-engine that makes sure I am spared for any more advertisers who includes the words: “… ancient …” or “… thousands of years old …” or other terms to that effect in audio or writing and stick them into my spam ‘file’ – and I’ll make sure to misplace that file behind my sofa! (Or some place dark and moist where nobody else ever comes)

… But it’s a good day! The money I saved, from NOT buying that ancient old gizmo, I spend on food for the wild birds in my garden for the winter. I bet they’ll thank me in a few thousand years!