Where is she? Has anything happened?

We’ve tried to phone her all day. Nobody answers and it even seems her phone is simply disconnected. She has a new phone so maybe she’s given up on it and simply turned it off in frustration? Or kicked it out the window? Questions, questions! (She IS capable of the last suggestion!)

Late in the afternoon, with rain pouring down, I drove to her apartment in my electric scooter. It’s in the other end of the town. But just wanted to make sure she wasn’t sick or something worse. At around 9 am I even called the hospital and was happy to hear, that she’s not there or in any of the other hospitals. Nice to be sure.

I swear! It’s not easy to keep track or even to keep up with her. Or to have some simple rules to avoid the rest of us from having to worry! Walking around restless, trying not to think the worst, hoping for the best. Well, at least I hope she’s having some fun. Probably playing somewhere.

It’s not fun to be us, if you know what I mean? 

My daughter is the one that worries the most of course. I can stay a bit more relaxed. After all, I’ve tried this before. It’s the same routine every time. They get lost and they’re found. Only, I didn’t want this to turn out to be the exact time where I should have reacted and then didn’t! And that was the reason I drove in the cold rain! Grrrr.

After having let myself into her apartment, I checked that everything seemed ok and left her a note right on the table, asking her to call my daughter immediately when after arriving home. 

Then I called my daughter and proposed to her to make a deal, where they exchange a text every day telling what is or isn’t going on that day. That will give a chance to avoid the worst mishaps from happening again – I hope. Also it could keep their relationship on track, but of course I can’t force them. I Just don’t like to go out and get so cold as I got today. Makes me go even more in ego-mode! 

Come to think of it! I think I’ve proposed that idea before for them both??? 

Urgh – they are SO alike! Stubborn and introvert. I mean, the little one can blabber until the cows come home, but still doesn’t reveal what’s in her innermost hiding places. What she’s really capable of I might be the only one who has a clue about. – Or am I? I’m not sure of that. But it’s still fun to see her reaction when I say I have 😉

OK, so back to the missing link – I mean … MIL – or Mother-In-Law! I hope she’ll call soon, ‘cause now I’m really sleepy. It’s not easy to keep up with the experienced generation.