The visit to the neurologist came and went.

He made an estimate based on his vast experience. Its something bad all right but I was wrong – all wrong – about what kind of bad it is!

I think! He thinks!

His estimate is that its something called ‘Tremor Essentiale’. I had NO idea what that was.

He gave me a piece of paper telling just about nothing I could use, so I dug into the internet when I came home and I’m bound to say “of course” I found most info on the UK and US official patient info sites. The Danish site is pathetic to be frank.

So something in my brain seems to be dying and the first symptoms is shaking hands/arms like the symptoms I have. Later it’ll be worse but no one, really NO ONE, can tell how slow or fast it’ll progress for me since each person is different.

Yay! Another diagnosis with devil’s horns attached! #€%&!!§? – And the only medz I can try have some really ‘good’ side effects.

WOW, I’m really up for winning the jackpot next time? Or not!

By now I suspect its the question: “What’s next?” that’s wrong! Maybe there should be no questions asked from me about something in the future?

Anyway, I’m so tired, worn out, that I really don’t want to know about anything anymore. I take it one breath at a time. Phone is on stealth. Meditations, a schedule to help me get through the days, nice healthy food and less expectations (from myself).

Bunnies are well, so what else can I ask for?
Today the female found a way into a flower bed I’d fenced in to keep her from eating what I’d like to be a ‘sea’ of flowers.

She’d simply found a way … again! She doesn’t give up no matter what obstacles I put up. She just doesn’t give up. And she’s ‘just’ a fur-ball.
Who am I to complaint? I don’t even own a fur!

The moment I found out I’d be ok for now, was when I found myself whistling the day after the visit to the doctor. I suddenly heard it and immediately wondered how the duck I managed to do that. Thought I was numb. But maybe that’s the way I’ve done it all my life. To whistle the day after?

No more questions! There’s no point since there’s no answer anyway.