National Novel Writing Month – did it in 2009 and now I’m trying it again! I’m moody – blue – so I’m looking for anything that can bring me out of that irritating state.
Not enough of my day is being used for anything. That bugs me.
Jan.6th -12 I began rowing on a machine which my housing area have in a small house which also contains solarium and sauna. I’d reached a really high level of fitness when my body got out of ‘whack’ – it couldn’t function as well anymore and the summer’s been less than satisfying when it comes to rowing.
My years with the pains have taught me to look for different approaches, and so far nothing has worked, so I turn to this outlet – to write – in order to get back to the rowing. Since painting still works wonders, why shouldn’t writing? Yet, rowing increases my painting in that it makes me more fit to paint in a longer period of time.
So I’ve signed up to write. Given the project a name and a synopsis. Re-opened the tool I have for writing books etc. and read up on how to use it. So far so good.
It’ll be a fun month.

Link to get on board the NaNoWriMo: