Chances was, it would happen some day.

Found out yesterday night that an account of mine has been robbed blank! And ‘interestingly enough’ I felt completely violated. Again. Seems my life has very thin skin or I’m the one with the thin skin in my life. Wonder how much of it – life – has to be over before I grow enough callus to not feel this way when I hit a bump on the road? Even with my most positive attitude, I’ve reached past the first half of my life –  though I’m constantly joking about reaching 104 ys old. Many years of training should make it possible to be less sensitive, and here it is. I’m not.

Medias being filled with stories about it – robbing – happen to others – yet so are they when it comes to stories about people winning a lot of money! So now I only need to have that happen to me as well. A nice thought and not at all impossible it seems? For THAT I’m ready.

Seeing I have to leave my wonderful house to move to a smaller in order to not have to think about whether or not there’s money enough for the next month, makes it long over due. How will I know that I wouldn’t have found a smaller house better anyway – even with a lot of money in the bank? Pinning feelings up on physical object – even as non-physical as money – is such a bad idea. So how can feelings be feelings and objects be seen objectively? I guess it wont happen until I see myself as an object.

– No – it didn’t help! I’m still so freaking furious that steam comes out my ears! All these words means nothing to how angry it makes me feel, when injustice is served as this was.

Has there ever been any time in the timeline of Homo Sapiens where the individuals were acting just or even just fair (or the other way around … I’m not sure which would be most important)? Where ‘we’ could go around without fearing one another. Shangri La? Not even on paper. Is my guess.

Countless are the books, essays, Ph-D’s and what-not trying to find out how human beings can be nice people! If they have it in them to live their lifes in respect to one another. I can’t remember having read one that made it!

I know I’m ranting. I’m good at that. Now I’m waiting for dessert. xx mill. in my bank and a smile on my face. Don’t be so serious, it makes deep wrinkles in the face.