When Daughter Johanne was a baby I started what came to be a tradition in my tiny family: I give her a small pendant for the Christmas tree she will have when she’s a grown-up.

Each year I have fun searching for beautiful, fun, special pendants and it’s now a collection of 18 items:

(Her frog angel is pink, this frog angel – at the bottom in the middle – is mine to make the photo, because hers is now at her apartment)

This year however she (+Kasper) turned the tradition, so I got a present for 1st December as well, and at first it just looked like a dull brown “thingy”:

Gift from Johanne and KasperBut with a little money – coins – something happens:

And the money disappears:
It’s just hilarious and there’s sound with it as well, of course a cat’s sound – just too cute! I LOVE IT! Oh, and it took me some time to figure out when to push the button on my camera, since it’s not quite usual for me, that the camera don’t take the picture immediately. But at last it worked!