Sunday – even now, that I’m not in the lines of the working women anymore, it’s still a little magical to have Sundays.

Now this day is at it’s end and I’m working my way into being content. More than that would be stretching towards the stars.

Last week J&K (daughter and fiancé) came and stayed for a few days, so K could get a very important paper for school ready, while J and I made as much disturbance as possible around him. He worked rather concentrated  through all our noises, so I got the feeling he just ‘used us’ to create the din equal to what goes on around him in school? Maybe he can’t produce if it’s too quiet around him? Then one of their best friends came to join the choir on their second day here.

A beautiful girl with a personality toughened by life (already), yet she’s so soft at times too, that it feels like she could go to pieces just by a wrong glance at the wrong time. The way the three are interacting is always very interesting to watch, seeing that they are so alike both in the toughening and in the softness, yet they are so different as they can be.

It was some wonderful days in the sense that we all was there for one another – give and take. When I can give and receive on equal terms I don’t need to feel inadequate or in debt. Now where did that come from? Oh, give it a rest. Not everything has to be dissected into atoms to be a part of life in itself.

Yet some things are annoyingly important – and how do I find which of the themes/moments/feelings are important to me, if I don’t give most of what I experience a closer look? Hah! I just think it’ s part of who I am? A person musing on not only problems but just about anything and everything I encounter.

The kids however never seize to remind me of the fact that it’s not always obvious which moments in life will make the most impact either it’s negative or positive. Seeing J grown up and me having been fighting all the wrong battles for her, having overlooked which ones were important to her or not, is such a breathtakingly lesson in inadequacy. To be of highest and lowest importance at the same time … that’s parenting … I think!? It was wonderful to have them all around me for some time – and wonderful they went home so I can catch my breath again.

The past week also gave another  wonderful present … A present from Santa. Secret Santa to be more specific.

Among the staffers in the Reading Groups in The Leaky Cauldron there’s a sort of game each Christmas, where we don’t know who is Secret Santa for whom – and it’s not the same ones each year, seeing that we can’t avoid chattering among us who got what and eventually drop some of the secrecy. So the whole thing must be done all over next year with new exchange of names and adresses from ‘the Boss’. I love the concept.

This year I got the same as the previous years: The Greatest Gift ever!

This year it was a book with baking recipes. And the cake I’ve tried already was wonderful. J also liked it which means it must be brilliant! (She’s extremely finicky)

With the book came utensils with the foreign measurements they use in some other countries where they don’t ‘get’ the metric system ;-D And it’s brilliant that I don’t have to convert everything I try either it’s from foreign cookbooks’ or the internet’s many recipes.

Upside Down Cake with Pears

The taste is like … caramel-sponge-fruity-fresh-rich-pear(y) … wonderful!

So all these musings to end a wonderful day, week and whatnot.