Almost anything I feel good about having done during the day is accomplishment!

Today I stayed at home, although I had a plan to go painting in the House.

Friends coming by and a general ache in the entire body (after having been in the attic, even though the ‘trip’ up and down the stairs, not to mention the pushing and shoving of things up there, are things that’s very forbidden for me – the price is too high as I risk my ability to walk! tsk tsk!) had me decide to stay home.

As a ‘punishment’, both for the attic thing AND the staying home, I then decided it was Henna Day! 5-6 hours with Henna in my hair, newpaper and towels around the head, to ensure I had accomplished something good today!

Suddenly I buzzed around like a bee in a bonnet, and I thought I’d show (off) my latest accomplishment when it comes to painting:

Trine just moved from home, and she likes to keep her things in black and white, clean designs, so of course I chose colored backgrounds and some form of disorganization.

Strength from withing means more than on the outside

Japanese Inspiration

Two paintings intertwining:

Symbolism inspired from Japanese art with some form of respect for the very impressive traditions from old.

Here’s the one with the symbols saying: “Strength from within is more important than strength on the outside” (My free interpretation from English).

Japanese Inspiration

This one has the symbols:

Cure (for human) and Healing.

Now the REAL FUN begins when she place the paintings on the walls!!!

No matter how she place them, they fit together with their stories: Click the links for the four places –  Right   Left   Up  Down

Huge fun to make and she said, she really likes them.

Why should life be boring?