JEEZE!!! Waiting, waiting and waiting more!

The secretary in the Heart Department in the Hospital I’m registered to has promised to get some action done in my case, but here more than a week later, I’ve still not heard anything at all. It’s tearing me apart.

So at least we can now conclude that the name change didn’t work in this ‘department’! hehe

In the meantime I’m getting a few things done in the house, that I’ve had on a to-do-list for a long time. “Healer-Room” slash Guest Room is almost ready to get two of the walls painted. A lot of sewing needs to be done, and I’m a real dork when it comes to a sewing machine (I think, I’ve mentioned it once before – but still …) so it’s a thing I’m a bit reluctant to do! Hm – – – I think I’ll just jump into it tonight.

My friend P. has promised to fix the lights in the living room and part of the kitchen, so that’s up to how much time/energy he has once he’s been working and taken care of his family.

– and I’ve also refined the functions of the ‘atelier’ I’ve been able to establish next to my kitchen! It’s almost done for now – only small details left, where it’s about things I need to get from others. It gets better and better.

In the middle of writing this post I went to the kitchen and got my frig cleaned, a meal cooked, done with the dishes, and cleaned the table I’m going to use for the fabrics I’m going to prepare later for the Healer Room! So now I’m pretty pleased with myself.

Ok – ’nuff for today – dinner is served!