People get new names for lots of reasons.

Marriage being the most often one, I guess? In so called modern time – the now – it’s become usual to turn to numerology to see whether a name has a positive or negative influence on life, but most of those people also state they are not superstitious? Eh? 0.O ?

Well, I’ve changed my name. Even though one of my dear friends has looked at my old name with some numerology knowledge, telling me it has a lot of ‘victim’ in it and that my new name is much more empowering, I’ve not changed my name for any superstitious reasons – unless symbolic actions can be seen as such.

The first time I changed name on my own account, was when I got married. A symbolic gesture.

I was so proud to be able to bear his name yet I chose to keep what had been my surname and changed it into my middle name. So past and future met and … well, it’s now been 17 years since he died. His mother, uncle and brother (and even my daughter once she turns 18) shed the surname for each their reasons, so by now it’s only his father who has that surname.

The term “father’s name” got me on track in the first place. I found out, not only is my own biological father’s name rather cool, but when he died, he left a young girl as an orphan as her mother died long ago. She’s my sister (I don’t like the term ‘half-‘ as we’re blood relatives) and although I’m not really a part of her life at this stage, where she’s under education as well as establishing herself in this life, we do have some contact and she knows I’m there if she needs me in any way.

So my father’s name was set to become mine, and then I thought it would be nice with a little fun and chose a name I’ve always liked, which enabled me to have some cool signatures on my paintings: Tina Olivia Munch – A TM with a small circle by the ‘M’ or with a circle around TM (TradeMark). It’s not easy to make jokes with a signature! *sigh* I’m a nerd! hehe

OK – I’m just saying this last thing about the name: IF it turns out the new name gives me a brand new life with only positives in it, I’m going to change my birthday too, so I don’t have all those bloody irritating planets whirling in all the wrong places. ;-D

Another new real project is that I’m taking photos as the new painting come along, and so far I’m uploading them on Facebook for people to comment, but later I might do something with them to upload on YouTube with comments to them. Could perhaps work.

As for the Orlando-project, I’m just waiting for the result of the heart specialists’ poking and then the flight tickets are bought! I’ve been promised all the help I can get from the neurologists for the nerve pains, so I’m covered as well as possible there. One step at a time.


edited: Bad bad English!