Not doing much and still feeling busy!

That’s an artform, that I’m performing on a daily basis. It’s been a struggle for me to get out of the winter and spring, being held down by first becoming ill by some bug of a kind and then right into pollen season! Oh, crap!

Well, it seems I’m through both, but I have to admit to myself, that without Leaky, Skype and Facebook activities, I’d properbly have stayed much more under covers than I actually did. I’m so grateful for the time I’m living in because of all the posibilities, although the living thing sometimes has me forced to my knees, yet the thought of things ‘happening’, people to be in contact with and opportunities to play some games has distracted me immensely from becoming too gloomy.

The people thing is still something I wonder about. I’m in contact with up to 50 people each day, yet I’ve ever only met a few of them in Real Life, so is it an illusion that they could mean anything to me or I to them?

If it’s an illusion, it’s at least a nice one. If not, then people like me living a life that’s almost solely confined to a house and a little garden, suddenly has the whole world at our disposal. And now the written communication becomes crucial for me! I’ll have to keep learning new stuff about the written words – in a foreign language even – so that my communication with others becomes as rich as possible. There’s no grimasses or other tricks from body language to further the understanding of the underlaying meaning – hardly any pictures – and yet it’s interesting to get my points out, but also to maintain the part of me that plays with words, are moving out a fantasy tangent and/or are ironic – even sarcastic at times.

It’s not easy to be unable to use the tools of communication taught from childhood – bodylanguage. Many dialogues that would have been deemed bad taste or simply without meaning, sometimes became fun or even enlightning with the help of the whole un-spoken dialogue between two.

Culture is another thing that must be taken into consideration in communication. It’s definitely good Danish is a small language, because if a foreigner could understand it, they would be appalled by the way we say things right out. There’s no doubt we were the first in the world to give pornography free and what I mean about that is, that there’s no limit to the subjects you’d come across at a busstop in this country!

Of course we have our own ‘rules’ for what’s rude and what’s not, but generally you have to accept a lot of things that would not be accepted in for instance US.

I’m pondering about this because of two things: The way I treat the things I write for the book I’m working on, and the way I have to go about the subjects we debate on Leaky! – oh, and the WAY it’s done is also about defining what respect is about. On Facebook it’s a whole different ball game. Of course you can offend others, but when I see what’s being left there in my language, and what I’ve been told about things having been removed from there (it was in English) – there’s something very different going on. So if an American wants to be rude – really offensive – he or she would perhaps only be ‘borderline offensive’ by just translating into another language?

That leads to the freedom of speach? – what is offensive and who desides it? Would I get away with criticizing religious icons or God even by simply translating into another language? Well, there was this big Mohammed-crisis – in Danish – and I’m not sure it’s settled yet – I’m a bit curious as to whether the press in my country caved in, or if they will come up with more about the subject? It’ll be a disappointment to me if this ‘thing’ wins!

It’s all about communication! Schools will have to put communication and perhaps also ethics and cultures higher up on the curriculum, bc what the kids do with communication is, that they are giving up on the written words, and now we have Vlogging, YouTube and loads of other places for video-snippets instead! – and it’s just more time consuming in some way, IMO.

And so I come full circle here: Time! Even I, without job and now without any kids to take care of, don’t have enough time. I have a dozen projects just waiting for more time.

Books to edit (not only my own – learning loads by also editing for others), books to read, paintings …

OH Dear! Kirsten was just by yesterday and she keeps trying to teach me about how to communicate best on a canvas and … well, I’m just thick headed! I can see some points but I’m having a hard time learning how both to paint and be aware of the ‘rules of communication’ at the same time. I came up with a tool or two while we were talking yesterday, so now I’ll find time to try those tools out.

Time to Communicate. Yet, this day is almost to its end and it’s time to go communicate ‘furry-wise’.