Ok – so now I’ve had a wonderful Birthday!

I wasn’t very keen on anything after having had an afternoon of baking and tidying the house just a little, but I was so tired!

Last year I told family and friends I’d have an Open House arrangement every year on my B-day with cake on the table and coffee and tee on the pots, but to be honest – I’d not renewed my invitation this year!

So when both my little brother and his wife, lots of friends and Mom-in-Law showed up and held me up on my arrangement it turned out such a wonderfully fun and warm day, that I felt all invigorated and happy when the day was over.

Tuesday I had a painting class and I didn’t want to stay at home, even though the pain is so bad now, I have pain in the roots of my teeth – go figure – but I went and it was great too!

So today I should finally take care of my body and soul – stay in bed, rest and have an easy day, but suddenly I got fire in my behind – or summat? – and late afternoon when I was going to look after the bunnies, I started tidying the garden and make some preparations for the up-coming summer with plants and all. I’d bought some few plants at the local grocer some days before the B-day, but as it had rained I hadn’t had a chance to make the pots ready for that day and so now it was sunshine, the garden was nice and warm to stay out in and suddenly 2-3 hours had gone and the garden is as good as ready for the plants, hordes of insects and bunnies trying to get access to the potted plants!

Painting is going really well. All four Hogwarts Houses are soon depicted and new projects are simmering underneath to get ready to be painted too. It’s a good feeling. I’ve signed up for a summer  class the teacher is arranging, where we’ll be working for a week! It’ll be great. I’ll try to get my friend B. to come too, because I think she’ll find it fun and maybe even get her started with painting also after the class. At least it’s worth trying.

Daughter is doing great and bad – typical teenager – having problems and not wanting Mom to be in on it, while at the same time not able to solve them herself, so she’s seeking other ways and slowly finding them! It’s hard to shut up and wait for her to see it her own way, but it’s worth it when she’s taking steps forward. It’s not so cool when she’s failing and being hard on herself over it, but all in all, she’s learning with each step and that’s the important thing. Her boyfriend is a really cool guy with problems of his own, but it seems that they are good for each other and the fact that they both have issues makes it balanced somehow. In some weird way.

The book has been left for a little while, but I’m getting ready to start again with the editing. There’s been a need for me to leave it be for the moment, and that’s not been bad – I think. My goal is to have a ready book before the next NaNoWriMo! It’ll be great fun I think.

Now I think I’ll break my diet and go have some ice cream. I’m only supposed to have that in the weekend – I have to loose 20 pounds or more, but I’m just so tired and smiling and thinking I’ll treat myself – not because I’m bored or sad, but simply because I like to have some! ;-P

Here’s a photo of the birthday cakes.