I’ll tell you why there’s long time between posts in here:
It’s FaceBooks fault! – or more precisely, it’s the games on FB! FarmVille, CountryLife, FarmTown, Wizard Academy – oh, and 6 more!
And it’s not just playing the games! There’s the neighbors, army- or clan-members whom all gives cause for some awesome mails and/or messages! The world is so small and so many people are interesting to communicate with that time flies by in a flash!
The bunnies are well and really proves they are equipped for winter weather! Nothing keeps them down – not even knee high snow!!! The female is slightly more reluctant about staying outside her cage than the male, but she’s very active even so. They both go into the snow piles, digs down till they hit the ground and dig up the little sprouts of whatever plant they come along. It looks very peculiar to see a small bunny ass peeping up from a snow pile with the little tail bumping up and down. The male is more playful and makes some interesting races around in tracks he’s created in the snow! It’s wonderful to sit and have some free entertainment like this.
Because of said weather I can’t get out much and only because my teacher from Painting Class pics me up and gets me home, can I attend that class! I’m out in my electric wheelchair approximately once every fortnight to do some serious grocery shopping, but other than that, I stay in my house and garden. The pain after having been out in the cold weather for longer time than a few minutes is just too much to endure if it’s not very important.
The Reading Group on Leaky Cauldron about Half Blood Prince is almost over and it’s been a pleasure as the former ones although there’s not quite so much activity as in the first ones I was attending. Maybe the up-coming movies about Deathly Hallows will bring some new interest about the books as well. I hope, because it’s so fulfilling to learn new things almost every day, and the friendship among the staff will be awful to be without. I know I have to get used to that eventually anyway, but I just don’t like to think about it.
Well! Star Wars is on the telly, FarmVille is ready with some harvest to attend to and so is FarmTown and CountryLife. All the battle games has to get a good work out too, so there’s a lot to do before bed time!