From the last time I was in here a new decade has been cracked open, ready to be put into good use.

Christmas was nice and quiet. ‘Our’ foreign student came and spend Christmas eve with Mom-in-law and me, so she wouldn’t be all alone. Next day she had some people from her country she was meeting to hang out with for the next days. Nice and easy.

I got three dragons for Christmas, and a white owl and an angel for the collection! And an amount of money equivalent to the money I’d spend on the second hand easel was given by my Mom-in-law, so I now could afford attending a painting class here in January and February. Luxury!

Hilde send me a homemade Gryffindor Scarf with a lion on it! It was really a Christmas where it’s hard for me to say which present gave me most pleasure, so I just give them all the same rating: AWESOME!

January has brought a bit of good things and some setbacks that I don’t handle too well! The one good thing standing out – besides the painting class having started – is Bro-in-law who had lend me an iPod! Now he asked me if I used it, and as I have all the Harry Potter books on it (OH, the voice of Stephen Fry – He’s ALL sex!) I could state I listen almost every day, and then he gave the iPod to me – just like that.


The reason for being a bit frustrated is (I dare say: As always) that body is not co-operating as I want it to. Latest setback is some food I bought and forgot to pay attention to the content list. And so I got gluten and stomach is a pain! Really a pain!

Writing is going forward. Second draft of the manuscript is done and third is on it’s way – I’m really having some good ideas for how to get further, but I also see it being a really big job, so I’m not pushing myself to start the third draft. I have time (I think).

New year – new time? nah – same old same old! But I’ll learn to have the same old becoming a good part of life.

Appreciation and trust! that’s the words for the new year – for me.