I’ve taken some days off – meaning I’ve got the manuscript put aside and given myself a couple of days off to relax a bit and have something else going on in order to give my mind a bit of a rest. It’s been quite disturbing to write it – not the actual writing process, but the subject is hard for me. Even though I’ve tried to use my ‘usual tricks’ and have my fantasy working along side the actual subject, it’s not really worked all the time to keep the distance, so I’ve been pretty stressed.

Now the tree is decorated as is the living room. And with these days of relaxation I gave myself a day to do some research for 3 paintings I’ve wished to work on for some time now. The decision to take some time off from the project even seemed to give so much calm that I was able to sleep. It was really nice. Both things!

Funny thing about having this break though is that I almost miss the writing. Almost like withdrawal ^.^ so it’s nice to have blogs to turn to!

So! Now it’s almost Christmas and I’ve realized it’s changed its meaning for me. Going through a kind of thought- and feeling process during November meant the change took place and for the better I think. I’m near 50 now and it’s about time I figured out, what different things mean to me, but I don’t blame myself for having taken so long time seeing I’ve been busy with just surviving ‘body and soul’! It’s been an important journey and it’s far from over, but I feel I’ve taken a very important turn this time and I really just need to not get so scared this time, that I back out again. Fear is a pain in the butt, so I’ll have to find my inner lion.

Johanne did a great job decorating the tree!