I’m happy it’s over – although also a little sad … still!

Now it’s time for editing. It’s lucky there’s some advice available on the NaNoWriMo site! And I’m really trying to let their advice guide my actions now. No need to invent things that’s already available!

Today I was going to start up the second edit. Just print the whole darm thing out and put the computer aside and start up making notes in the margins, on Post-It’s and on the back of the pages. All tricks allowed. Then printer went dry on black toner! It’s infuriating.

Ok, before that I was going to help Mom-in-law drilling some holes in her ceiling so she could decorate for Christmas! And also in the walls for some pictures, that she’s been waiting since she moved in years ago to have done! On the way there my chair broke down and I had to be picked up and brought home with a special truck! Oh – good grief!

So no editing and no working to get that over with and … GAAAAAARRRHHH!!! Upsetting in so many way, and all I can do is sit and remember I have to learn to accept and stay calm! With MY temper??? JEEPERZ!

Ah, well, I got some small jobs done at home instead – a very positive thing – and I was so lucky my grocery deliver could give me dispensation from their rules that I ought to have placed my order before 12 noon, and they are coming with groceries the night between Thursday and Friday! So there was another positive thing.

Now I’m just trying to relax and enjoy a night ‘off’! It’s almost weird to be without any of the writing stuff, so now I’m having ‘withdrawal’ and the blog must suffer under it now!

The hours I waited to get home left me cold to the bones! Here some 5 hours later, I’m still not warm in my feet or inside my body. It’s a very weird feeling, but I try to let my eyes find beautiful things to watch and it’s very soothing. Hey, I just found a place to have my little collection of Santas! Cool!

Well, this year my Christmas Spirit has come slowly seeping in! Almost 10 days into December and I still haven’t decorated. It’s the first time in 20 years I think! But it’s ok, and it’s actually quite blessing to have this come as slowly as this, while I get my thoughts about the whole concept of what we’re celebrating – and I’ve come to feel, that what I’M celebrating is the love and light we’re bringing into the world during December and it’s cool to renew how the rooms are decorated, so I’m still cool with Christmas – Maybe I’ll call it “Lightmas”? hehe! Well, there’s no harm in celebrating good, loving people bringing us hope and peace. Only I wish all those good wills out in the world would mean we didn’t have any war and cruelty!

So I send out prayers of peace and love between all beings on Earth!