The month went away but it’s left me with some really good experiences as well as the hard ones to bear, so now I’m almost sad that it’s over – but only almost! It’s time to take the next step and I’ve made the final decision to take this all the way! To really write the book!

There’s no plans about whether it’s going to be published or anything like that – I’m not daft! But to see it through is part of the journey I started with it, and I’m not going to leave it unfinished. There’s a thing I’ve discovered about myself along the way – nah – there’s really more than one – but I’ve seen that I’m a person that never gives up – I puff and I make a lot of noise, squeal, whimper, shout and gets down right nasty sometimes, but somehow I DO finish things – and ever since I got through the Podiatrist school with honors, I thought it was the only thing I’d ever followed through, but it wasn’t, it really wasn’t! And it was a good thing to discover, to help me stop whacking myself over the head all the time and loose perspective.

The friends that’s been really open to keep on holding me above water, keep on being supportive is alpha and omega for all this. I’m doing the actual work, yeah, but friends – they keep me floating and to help focus when I’m blabbering too much and confusing myself too much! – when I’m too much!

My daughter has been looming in the vicinity – busy with school and boyfriend – but I’ve seen and heard her being alert about how I did! So even if she’s as leaving a mess in every room even if she’s only passing through, she’s just a loving soul and her mess is her own problem in two years!!! I really love her.

There is a painting I’m attempting to make, but the first attempt turned out to be a failure, because I’d failed to see that the basis had striations in one direction and I made the motif go contrary to the striations – what a big mistake. And it’s taken me the better of a week to gather courage to try to try the next canvas! And today I managed to pull it off and get the painting up and being up to a really good start.

So all in all – life goes on, only now with some goals and purpose.