Not only did I meet the 50.000 words – I’m actually past 65.000 words and it’s not even the 30th yet!

I’ve gotten my diploma and this:

hehe – I’m pretty pleased with my accomplishment! And it’s not just some blabber – or nearly not – or – well most of it is really serious and useful – I hope! The next month will tell more about that part. I believe I’m ready already to edit – except for the part of the text, that’s actually a diary for the month! Seeing the days as they are for me.

Then there’s the part where I look back on good and bad – especially the bad almost knocked me down but, as I usually do, I ran for cover into one of my two fantasies that I chose to add to this – One about some place completely non-Earth, and a part where it’s more like a daydream ‘oh, I wish this were possible’.

Well, that was the original outline for this project, and while I then wrote on the different parts each day, the two fantasies sometimes took turns and had ‘life’ of their own, having me go in some surprising directions, and THAT was worth the whole thing!!!

Especially when I actually had a sort of revelation in the part non-Earth, that had me get a hold on some things I was struggling with to help me through the part with the past, and since that day – it was last Sunday – I’ve had some different kind of peace or calm inside with a lot of new possibilities for my life.

One very important thing for me, that I decided was to stop defining myself as: The Cripple, The Disabled or The Idiot Loser! NO MORE!

I’m actually an artist, painting some cool things and I’m maybe also a writer – that one is for December to decide. And I’m still a wicked good podiatrist helping friends when they are in need of interventions for their feet.

Not a bad month at all!

I’m grateful for the inspiration that had me sign up for NaNoWriMo! No matter what happens after this, the steps already taken are mine and the effort and the good feelings I got from this experience is not easily taken from me again – In fact I doubt anybody could (or would 😉

So this happy camper will try to get the games on FB over with quickly and get back to Eragon and his adventures with his dragon!

I love a good fantasy!

Oh, and I owe a great deal of thanks – some millions actually – to the friends that at one point DRAGGED me through the hell hole I’d landed in and didn’t know the way out from!

You do know how much I love you and cherish your friendships but there’s no harm in repeating a good message! May the Universe grant you all good, fulfilling lives.