A package came. It was  a book – the 8th of the Quest series by Lisa DeGroodt. It was awesome!!!

I really had not expected to get to read it before well into the new year, because finances are not well at the moment – I’ve spend too much during the summer – and have to really be cautious. There’s just no room for ‘pocket-money’! But it’ll come.

A dear friend on Leaky read about my ‘predicament’ (I know it really isn’t a big/real problem – it’s not that we have no food!!!) but it’s nevertheless what it is – no money means no luxury! And then she offered me her spare copy of the book! Just like that.

Now I have it I can’t believe my luck!

What did I do to deserve it? That’s the first, second and ‘umph’-tienth thought!

Then comes the next: Why do I still question, whether I deserve something, when something good happens to me? And why do I continuously look over my shoulder to see what comes next? When things are going well for a while, I start wondering when the next ‘accident’/catastrophe will come – and it’s bewildering when it doesn’t, but then one of life’s smaller incidents come along, and I can rest for a while!

Right now things are pretty smooth. Not good, but still – no big issues. Body doesn’t work – actually is quite bad – but other than I wanted it to have taken a bit longer to deteriorate, it was foreseen and it’ll get even worse one day! I’m lucky it’s going rather slowly downwards, and that it won’t be sudden big steps but just sliding ever so slowly. Although looking back it doesn’t seem slow really.

All those thoughts for a present!

Btw: I LOVE the books in the Quest series! They are so optimistic.