Finally all is ready for daughter’s Movie-weekend! Instead of a birthday party she chose to have some of all the friends, she knows from all over the country (plus a few from Germany), to come here for a weekend of hanging out, watching movies, playing Guitar Hero, cuddle the bunnies and whatever else 8 teenagers can think of!

So to keep things within the frames – financially as well as practically – it’s very simple but the two first guys have arrived tonight (friday) and went to sleep in daughter’s room, daughter is on the floor in the living room and tomorrow another 5 arrives and then we’re going to have birthday cake before the Movie Marathon begins. – Daughter has planned the two first Jurassic Park and then a thriller to go to sleep on! hehe!

Last week I should have been painting both Monday and Tuesday, but had to cancel both due to a fever I had! Bummer! I really hate those! Instead I’ve been spending each and every day practicing with Guitar Hero and I’m now just about ready to advance to the Hard level and having real fun with it! Not to mention that I think it’s funny to shock the kids a bit.

So now I’m just relaxing, playing three different wizards games on Facebook, and looking forward to start playing Harry Potter games after the weekend’s over, because I’ve used my credit card and purchased my own Playstation plus my very first Harry Potter game – which by the way turned out to be three games on one DVD. I haven’t been able to get any of those games before, because I now have a Mac computer – which I really love – but the games seems to be only for Windows systems! A very small NON-problem, but now that I got the Playstation and can play Guitar Hero whenever I choose without disturbing anyone else, I can also finally get to play the Harry Potter Games and I really look forward to trying those.