Today painting got up and running again!

We lost one of the female bunnies, Sille, that suddenly got very ill and died the same day – last monday, and that had me re-experience some of the grief connected with loss.

Now a pet is nothing near a husband or other humans – or is it? Of course not, but for me, they are welcomed and cherished as part of the family, only with the acknowledging, that they have a very limited lifespan, so I’m of course prepared as such, but that does not make them any less missed!

So my wonderful friend – ye wee Belgian – suggested, that this time I dealt with my sadness by using it during painting! NO plans for the canvas – no intervening with what comes up or what colors feels right, just go with flow and let the painting have it’s own life. – Easier said than done, but I succeeded in making a basis to build on and I had a lovely day in the Art Society’s house! Whether or not I come to work with some of the former losses this time, I’ll leave it to the future, but either way it might teach me to a degree, that I one day will be able to go further and it’s not bad at all.

When I came home I had some fun time playing with daughter on Guitar Hero. I even managed to surprise us both by playing a tune decently, that I’d never seen before, and it was SOOOO COOL!!! It’s a game – yeah – but for me it feels like a chance to play music with a band/orchestra and I really miss that from the time I played the clarinet! The times I was a participant in creating music was exhilarating! And that feeling is coming back with this game. Easy Peasy Pie.