Sunday lunch

Sunday lunch

Sunday lunch were a hit – in my opinion!

Sunday lunch 2nd

Sunday lunch 2nd

Although I never got to serve any Snaps, we had all the other things considered to be a part of a Sunday lunch in almost all parts of the country.

And NO, we usually don’t go around and photograph the table (as answer to one of the questions given by one of the guests!), but I thought it was a special occasion and deserved special treatment!

It turned out – by pure chance of course 😉 that the women I’d invited to join the two foreigners in their introduction into this part of danish culture (or lack thereof?) and we ended up laughing the afternoon away!

Females are rarely together for long without laughing! This bunch was no exception!

Mom-in-law had a lovely afternoon although she had to get home as the first (she was reluctant to leave the fun). She was already in a good mood before coming here, as her computer is now up and running – even on the internet!

After the lunch, the tidying up was no problem as all pitched in and there were even some energy left for me to go on the computer later in the evening! – This day also had to be given a star in the calendar. WOW! (a collection is building).

Today I thought I would be all smashed, but after lunch (leftovers) the weather turned out to invite to a stroll around the area. After 2 hours where Hilde walked and I drove my electrical Hagmobile we’d turned full cirkle and been out by the house where the local Arts Society has a place to mess up erm … roam … then we took a path leading through the rural part of our area and ended up with 2 liters of Ice Cream and a lot of Wasabi Peas!!! The perfect ending of a nice day!

EDIT: I forgot !!! How could I???

I also baked the third batch of muffins within a week!!! – first 36 – then 24 and now 23 of them! And I doubt there’ll be any left after wednesday! They taste good (as anyone could guess) although they are actually healthy and sugarfree (except from the sugar in bananas) ;-D