The guest (J.) I had last week was left in the dark!

After J. got her room and moved her stuff there on Sunday, I was anticipating the arrival of the next guest (H.) arriving here on Wednesday. Now the three of us ‘know’ each other from Leaky Cauldron, but it was the first time I actually met anybody I only knew from chatting online, so it is awesome to try this! The fact that the two of us then managed to surprise J. was an extra joy, as J. didn’t have a clou at all about H. coming here.

Today we then went to visit a very old amusement park in the center of Copenhagen and suddenly 3-4 hours had gone. It was really good fun although none of us actually tried any rides, but we just strolled around, had some tea in a Tea House with outside serving in the perfect sunshine and I had brought muffins! I think I got J. addicted to those!

After a little walk round the vicinity of the amusement park, we went our separate ways – J. to what’s her place while studying here in DK and H. and me to hurry to help Mother-in-law buy a new computer before the stores closed. Now H. is a very patient soul, so she managed to keep awake 😉 while the computer got purchased, then we went shopping for some food.

Mom-in-law was sent home with the promise, that I’d try and get all the programs up and running before going over to her place tomorrow and have the thing get on-line. She really misses to have a computer and get on Facebook to keep up with what’s going on there with her groups and friends! It’s really a loss when something like a computer don’t work after being used to having it in one’s life.

H. and I had some nice – quick – dinner first, but then the work began and now it’s finally done!

I’m really really tired, but the day was such a good one, that it deserves a star in the calendar. Days like that can lift up some of the less amusing. And I look forward to preparing a traditional danish sunday lunch for the two foreigners, Mom-in-law and some of my danish friends. It’ll be something not all tourists are able to experience. – HMMMM wonder how they’d like our Snaps?