The day came when our guest came and I have had a really nice day.

The guest is a real delight, being a cute girl with good manners and curious about everything around her.

Daughter isn’t gonna be home until later this evening, ’cause she’s at an event, where our Crown-prince is opening a huge arena for alternative sports like Parkour (not really a sport – more a lifestyle! according to the youngsters!), Beach Volley, Dirt-race and other cool stuff, so she’s permission to stay at the event for at long as it takes! I hope she’s having a real fantastic experience. Right now I’m having my eyes open to see if she’s appearing in the news, ’cause TV2 is out there to tell about the event – after all it’s the Prince -> king to be! 😉

So now it’s chilling time! Body is completely worn out and there’s muffins in the kitchen! Ups – got distracted there. I better go and make some tea and have a muffin for dessert.