After the premiere on HBP everything here became concentrated around the school starting for daughter and to make the house ready for guests!

End of this week we are having a foreign student as our guest and I’m so exited about it, because it’s not just some stranger coming, but someone I’ve come to ‘know’ via Leaky, and it was a huge satisfaction to be able to give her the opportunity to come here before she starts at the University in my country’s nice capital.

Of course the University is taking care of accommodations for her, but not until Monday will she get any idea of what is going to happen, and it’s rather harsh to have to land in a foreign country, go to the University and then find out whether to get a hotel room until they have a place or what!!! So I suggested her, she could stay here and I could show her a bit of the area and tell about transportations and other oddities of this country! Well, time will tell, if she really needed it, but still we get an opportunity to meet up that we wouldn’t get otherwise! Cool!

So! I have had some projects lying round waiting for energy, ideas, whatever to get further developed or thrown out, but now with this guest coming, I chose to see this as an inspiration to have some of the things done, and so I’ve painted some furnitures in my bedroom, repaired some things, gotten rid of some clutter and stuff like that just to have less to shift around once things are happening and to avoid having to spend energy on boring stuff instead of having it for some fun time!!! So it’s not that a guest is coming but more, now that a guest is coming to stay here, why not get some of it out of the way?

The same method is used here a lot of times: If I know my friend is coming over for coffee, I tend to get rid of the dishes NOT because it would embarrass me, but because it would be really annoying to make coffee having to first get rid of/move stuff around, so it’s easier to get the dishes away all together. And things lying around: I couldn’t be more indifferent about whether it annoys others or how my home ‘seems”, but it really irritates me if something is moved around and I don’t know where it landed! I’m good at that as it is – forgetting where things land once I move them – but to have others too is just making the mess complete and then I’m completely lost! 😉

Well, today I got my knobs painted! – Ahem!!! yeah, well, they are the knobs for my dresser (chest of drawers)! I painted the dresser the other day and the knobs too, but I thought they should be a bit less boring than just white (the rest of the dresser is just white) and I found two really cool “crystal-knobs” amongst my stuff, but then there’s 8 more knobs and it would be too expensive to buy more of the crystal-ones, and then I got the idea to paint a rosebud on each, because I’ve decorated a small wall-shelf-thingy with a wall-paper with rosebuds and then it would fit nicely! So I got them approved by daughter this evening – she’s a harsh critique!

I’m rather proud of the whole bedroom now! It’s the first time ever, I’ve decorated my bedroom to have a nice coherent theme, because it’s never bothered me before how the room looked, but I guess that after I’ve become tied to my home more than ever it’s become more important that what I’m looking at is nice to look at! And I’m the only one to make things happen here and as I’ve no money to pay others to actually make the work, I have to try to make the work manageable for myself. Also it’s good to see I can do things myself still even the more difficult ones. Actually the more difficult – the greater satisfaction about a job well done!