Today were the day where I was going to see The Half Blood Prince!!!

With the unconditioned help from my daughter and my bestest of friends it became a wonderful day all in all, even though the days leading up to this became intolerable dense! But fever – that I got at the beginning of the week – broke the night leading up to this day and then I got so happy to be able to get to the movies without feeling all BLAH!

Daughter had brought Aragog – a gift she once brought me bc she just KNEW I would love to have a giant spider (and call it Aragog) – bc she thought it would appreciate some change of scenery, since it spends all its days on top of Beetle the Bard! Well, since she has some of my genes it cannot be discussed whether she’s as weird cool as I am, so that must be why she brought a stuffed animal! But I KNOW Aragog was having fun. (oh I have to stop giggle now!)

Yesterday I helped mother-in-law celebrate her birthday by going with her and my daughter to meet up with her brother and her son in the fair city of Copenhagen to go to Tivoli! She really likes to go to the amusementpark and enjoy the life and flowers there, get a cup of coffee and some ice cream, talk, laugh and just be able to have the physical contact with each other. Modern times makes it able to keep up with each others lifes as such and mom-in-law is using the computer, mail and internet – including Facebook – about every day, but it’s not really the same as getting together!

So now it’s time to breathe steadily and enjoy summer! Weather forecast has told of a nasty rainstorm coming tonight, so I’ll go meet my daughter by the station now (she went to be with her friends after the movies) and relax! Tomorrow it’s LEAKY time YAY!!!