Daughter graduated and held a graduation speech for her friends, teachers and all the families. She did a wonderful job.

Headmaster is standing in front of the students graduating (from both 9. and 10. grade) with his back to the camera and the castle, where the school is, is seen in the background.

Ok, so trip went brilliantly! Although daughter had PROMISED that the amount of stuff some of our friends picked up the week before was the majority of her stuff! – – – NOT!!! Quite like suspected by a number of people – me included – it turned out, that the majority of stuff were still at the school and my brother’s rather big car had it’s work cut out for it (or him?), but they managed to get it all in there and home it went!

Lucky my brother turns out to be a very practical version of a human being, so he took it all with a smile and just shook his head lightly once or twice! Before they even started to get the things to the car, daughter had me placed in my chair where I could see what was going on, but without being able to see the car while it was being stuffed! She just knew I would get very nasty stressed and would be meddling helpful with advice constantly, so her plan worked and I didn’t get to see the car until it was all over and then I got – reluctantly – permission to help with getting the chair into the car as well. Lucky such a chair can be split up in all kinds of odd pieces!

After we got home, my friend were called over to help get all the things into the house, and she too thought my daughter had a good idea keeping me out of the way until the car was packed. HMph! Pffft.

On Sunday I had arranged a little surprise for daughter. I just thought it might feel like a vacuum to come home here after 10 months surrounded by 89 other students plus teachers and personel 24/7. At the same time I knew, her family and friends would like to welcome her home. Seeing I wouldn’t be able to throw her a party, I got the idea to have all that were able to come here for a little brunch, where they brought the food and that way she wouldn’t get any idea of what was going on. If I was preparing too much for having guests, she would know immediately. Now she didn’t suspect the least and it was a very good day for all of us!

That sunday evening I crashed! Meaning, my body were at it’s end of what could be asked of it, and I wasn’t even able to get on Leaky! Bummer! But it was more or less expected, although I did expect beforehand to be able to do a bit of posting and maybe work on the next draft, but now it’s thursday and I’m not really over the trip yet!

– But the physical crashing this time happened with a smile! It really was worth it! She’s not even starting to unpack all the stuff yet, so it’ll be some slow pair of months until next part of her education starts on August 10th.