Lots of stuff! Lot’s of things happening now!

How on earth did it get so active in my life now? I managed to make the Gryffindor House so much better (I think) and now it’s really cool in my own eyes!

It’s just still a problem for me to get the camera thing right! I’ve never really cared about learning the digital photographing properly, so it’s one of my next projects on my “To Learn” list! May the list never get empty!

So tomorrow I’m going to daughter’s school and see her graduate and then bring her home! I’m so excited and nervous at the same time, because now she’s been away from home for a year, and she’s definitely too young to do without guidance, but I’m going to have to remember to be a guide and less of a dictator! And I was just getting really great at being a dictator, so now I have to develop  and get away from that! Hm – get her a good base and enjoy being on first row to her developing into a young woman! It’ll be cool!

I mean, why worry so much? Second guessing all the time! Being a judge and a jury! Being hard on myself all the time in fear of missing something important! That’s really a legacy I would like for her not to have! I like the way other cultures are nurturing and not judgemental – at least not as a starter! Initially trying to see the best in things instead of the way ‘we’ do it here, where you really have to prove yourself before you get a positive reaction!

*sigh* – positive! Stay positive. Be good – be the best you know and be content with whatever flaws might be there – nothing can ever be perfect. In imperfection lies life! Life is imperfect! Hm – thinking with super speed again and trying to ‘organize’, get hold of and get control! Stress situations do that to me and yet the ultimate challenge for me is to let go of control and relax!

Only 5 hours ’till we have to leave for the trip! Gosh! I still wish I could be perfect for her, if only just for a moment! I’d like her to be happy! I wish for her to be happy and not just for a moment.