Lot of stuff has been going on since last post was written.

Last weekend daughter’s stuff from the year away in school was brought home, so now it’s more ‘real’ that it’s for real! 😉 And she’s making good grades in her final, so she’s well prepared for next step of the education she wants to get, and now is the time where she and I find some common ground for the last years she’s living at home with me, to avoid that time to become a nightmare for one of us or both.

Then there’s the Alchemy painting all done, and added to that is a Gryffindor painting!!! And it’s quite good I think! I really enjoy to get those images out of my head.

Daring, nerve and chivalry

Daring, nerve and chivalry

There’s also been the up-start of the Reading Groups on Leaky Cauldron. The sorting starts on the 20.th this month, so there’s a lot of activity right now. It’s really cool.

But then there’s my neighbor. Just as I was writing this post, she comes and knock on my door. – it’s 2 in the morning!

In her Days of Glory she was almost feared for her strong oppinions and sharp tongue, but in her later years, she’s become a nice lightly forgetful old lady who was easy to talk to. Now however it’s waaayy out there, where she comes knocking on my door in the middle of the night, being something beyond confused and very insisting upon me to solve her dizzyness and being really unhappy with everything (and nothing really!). At one time – I think the second time she came here tonight – I found myself thinking more about something going on on the television and immediately got a bad concience for doing that.

My heart really hurt when I see the condition she’s in, but there’s not much, I can do and then I think about something completely unessential and it pisses me off! How can I be so impersonal and cold? Or did I really get a look at how I’ve managed to get through difficulties, yet now having more of a quiet life, I suddenly notice a thing like this? Well, that’s at least what my friend tells me and I have to think long and hard about that. If that’s really been my way to deal with hard times, then I have to get that under some control, or I’ll end up exactly like my neighbour!? I hope, I won’t.

Well this night has turned out to be quite a drag, so now it’s ok to get to bed and let things cool down a bit.