Reading Group (RG) for Goblet of Fire is over and that’s a bit sad, but then there’s both the LeakyCon and Order of the Phoenix RG to make me excited! Yeah, because my painting were on T-shirts for the RG-staffers and they looked gorgeous – both the shirts and the staffers mind you! Today I could finally see the result on photos on Facebook to see how it worked out. Gosh I almost SQUEEE’d had I been that type of person. – ok – ok – I DID and my best friend laughed at me, but she did it because it was so unlike me to act that way. It’s ok. It’s a wonderful feeling to see my work displayed this way!

Also next RG is not far away, as we start sorting june, 20th., so it’s not so far away, yet there’s still a little break to enjoy the summer starting here.

Other than this I’ve just last week joined a gallery in Copenhagen, where only works with the dimensions 20×20 cm. (approx. 8×8 inch.) are displayed and sold. There’s 125 artists at once at all times on display with each 5 works and the buyer can choose between different frames per choise and go home with a ‘ready to display’ painting. Prices are relatively reasonable and it’s just a fun project to be part of.

My latest painting project is a bigger canvas with an interpretation of something I learned from HealerOne about Alchemy! It’s started out great and I’m really looking forward to getting it done. It’ll be fun to see if HealerOne can recognize the idea. And after that is done, I have drafts ready for a Gryffindor painting! It’ll not be a big one, because I need to go a bit down in size to keep up my physical energy. The big paintings takes a lot of courage as well, so also here I need to tone down a bit and breathe!

Here at home things are going a bit like the title too:

Daughter made sure I got my share of both up and down at the end of the weekend! We had a great mini-vacation from Thursday to Sunday, but finally about 15 min. before exit, she had a ‘little’ surprise to bring me cooking! Ah, well. And having no experience of my own from that age, I simply don’t ‘get it’ and just get frustrated, which my brother-in-law told me, was just what she wanted me to, so now he’s taking this issue and I’m backing out! I fall for her ‘tricks’ each and every time it seems.

Gosh, I hate to be without power, and that ‘my own 15-year-old inside’ is completely left in the dark. There simply wasn’t any room for me to be a ‘normal’ teenager, as I was more busy with just surviving at that age, and I tend to have the oppinion she has to pull herself together and I go about things with a expectation of her being able to use her brains for all things! She seems to me – even if it’s just for short glimps – to be a spoiled brat, and I don’t miss the opportunity to tell her so (ups). She on the other hand is completely clammed up about what seems to me to be weird stuff, but as she is so extremely private, she can suddenly let out something that takes me completely by surprise, also because I can then hear she has previously been lying to me to avoid hurting me or stop me from meddling or what-ever and I just go ballistic in a sec. when I’m being lied to! More *SIGH*

So we’re the perfect match!

*SIGH* I just wish sometimes, I had a Time-Turner, so I could stop myself from being so darn angry! – though – – – sometimes she’s really really nasty! That’s another of her ‘trades’, and if it takes ‘too long’ for me to blow up, she knows exactly where else to push buttons! Well, it seems rational and very logical (NOT) when brother-in-law explains it to me, but please!!!

‘Get a life’ is what she needs to do! And that’s exactly what she’s trying to! – oh, and the reason brother-in-law is engaged in this is, that those two are from the same mold! Not that he ever lied to me or anything like that – he’s a grown-up I’ve known for just over 30 years – but their private nature and ‘playing games’ to get them to where they want to be is the same, so he’s volunteered! Whew! – and he’s laughing a bit at me! He says I’m too logical for a kid like her, so I’ll never stand a chance against her. I do hope the next birthday she’s having is her 30th this fall!

Ah, she’s a great kid and as I wrote before we’re a perfect match – just opposite each other – and that can bring out some sparks at times, but I’m a bit disabled (in more than one sense) with that lack of ability to really know from own experience what it’s like to be 15 and that’s a big negative for her, but I wish she didn’t have to pay for my shortcomings. On the other hand … who knows what she’ll learn from it and if she’ll benefit later from it?