And what a time it’ll take to heal! But it was worth it. I’m really feeling all fibres in my body!

But first things first:

The new addition to our family – Trunte, we call her  – is settling in fine.

I got her this week on Tuesday from the shelter, where my female, Sille, also came from. Trunte had been there for quite a long time and really needed a new home, so it was a blessing in disguise, that the little babies I went to see (to see if I could have one or two) were all males, so when I had to turn them down (they would be in danger from the male I already have and that would be really cruel, but hey! it’s nature’s way and so be it) I had room for this little blue-eyed, brown cutey.

I spend hours in the garden today! Suddenly the impulse came over me and I didn’t even change clothes – I was in my PJ’s – so bunnies had a fun time checking out what I was doing, and I have no doubt they also laughed like bunnies might do of the ‘beautiful’ sight they had the whole afternoon and evening!

The garden and shed got a nice overhaul as well as some reconstructions got made and with just a little task for me to do tomorrow (I surely hope I’m able!), the whole place will at last function as well as I’ve wanted it to for a long time! Only remains to rebuild a bunny house that will be used for emergencies! But all the things to rebuild it is – or is easely made – ready, so it’s just a matter of an afternoon where impulse will once again come over me to do something with my hands! Lucky that I’m a pretty good crafts-(wo)-man and have good tools. And I’m very aware to be thankful for  days like this, where I am able to do what I want to!

Yesterday and today I left the door open to the new ‘girlie’, Trunte, and had a board put up as a way to get out (and in) when she’s good and ready. So both days she’s spend sitting in the opening and watching the other two bunnies. The male, Juice, has been up in her cage some times, but he knows he’s not supposed to, so I only have to raise my voice and he’s out again like a white bullet! It’s quite funny to watch them. I’m curious as to when she’ll get the courage to go all the way into the garden and take the fights to find her place in the hieraki, but all in her own pace. So I’ll wait.

In the meantime, Trunte is having a nice time – experiencing a lot of new stuff, but she’s still calm and sweet about all that’s happening.

The last photo I’ll get in here today (gosh it’s 2:24 in the night) is Sille roaming the spinach patch:

– And with that I bid you good night!