– since I updated in here!

So much has been going on, that I don’t know where to begin and end!

Apple trees are blooming, the painting is done, the birds just woke up now, daughter has been accepted to the school of her choise, I’ve finally found out how a corner can work as my home-base for painting, house is spring cleaned and so much more of good stuff is going on!

And I’ve finally found out what I sowed in that case! Bunny seeds of course! Why didn’t I think of that before?

I enjoy and I appreciate!

I really do! – And I remind myself, when it’s not easy and not as light, so it’s going to be fine!

I just had a wonderful weekend with daughter! She’s a great kid, although she reminds me indirectly, that she is not all done with needing a helping hand – a support and somebody to lean on, when it’s not all easy, so my job is not done as a mom! But we’re getting nearer and I remind myself to keep enjoying the journey.

While she was home this weekend, we participated in celebrating the confirmation for the daughter of one of our friends. It gave an afternoon of laughter and good company and I was glad it was possible to go there. Daughter is happy to stay in contact with friends even though she’s only home once in a while, and it finally dawned on me, that it’s less than 2 months until she comes back home to live! Cool!

I truly believe, we will be able to work it out, so she can have the feeling of having more freedom, and that she’s able to take responsibility of some things in her own life. And that’s also why I work on issues of my own while she’s away, because she has to have see, I have my own life to take care of!

Well, I propobly should go try get some rest now! I’ve accomplished a lot today/this night, so I can be proud of a job well done!