Gosh, it’s the best idea, I’ve ever had: To have my birthday and easter combined.

Friends and family has got the free choise, that each of the 5 Easter holidays at 2 pm there’s cake and coffee/tea and they don’t have to tell whether they come or not beforehand! It’s going so well, I’m having a really good time, with lots of room for chatting with those coming and talking on the phone or online with all the others! It’s so relaxed and well doing for me, and guests have told, it’s so nice for them to be able to drop by or be relaxed also when it’s not possible to come by. Nice!

Exhibition is going well. I have an assignment from one and then I got the big surprise in my mailbox: An invite to come and have 5 paintings 20×20 cm. (approx. 8×8 inches) in an exhibition – or showroom you could call it also, where there’s ONLY painting that size and people come and if they like one or more of the paintings, they can then go over in the other end (or something like that) and choose frame(s) and then their chosen painting gets assembled/mounted and ready to take home! Prizes are also somehow fixed between 200 – 1.200 kr. (35-215 $/24-144 £) so it’s reasonable. What a treat.

Right now – just right now – contemplating to try to rest a bit after having gotten the bunnies out (have been up all night) I look out into the garden and see the appletrees are having buds so close to opening into beautiful flowers that I can almost HEAR them wanting to burst! It’s a marvellous sight and with a celloconcerto playing, it’s mindblowing even for just a short while here!

There’s so many things I’m grateful for at this time of my life, so it’s boosting my self-esteem hugely!