Gosh, I’ve made it through a really painful ordeal, by getting my paintings up for the exhibition going on during the next month! It was incredibly difficult to get the whole thing in place and if I hadn’t had help, it wouldn’t have been possible to get it up! That’s a fact.

So now I’m trying to wind down and get the pain under control, so I can enjoy the next month of relaxation. Walls are all empty and I’ve got 3 boards ready for new ideas that I have, but first I need to relax and have a quiet birthday with my friends and a pot of sausages and potato salad, with icecream for dessert, because for the last 40+ years that’s been my birthday dinner and I don’t intend that to change anytime soon! So much more that I’m not really allowed food like that on a regular basis because of all my allergies and ‘stuff’. So it’s a treat more than ever to have that menu to look forward to.

Leaky time is going like clockwork in *my* little department and I’m making a lot of jokes in there and getting a lot of fun responses. It’s truly had me redefine the words ‘friend’ and ‘friendship’ which the youth of course could have told me about long time ago, but I’m not sure I would have listened then. It’s been so much more ‘visible’ to experience it on my own and I’ve had to “swallow some camels” (I hope that saying makes sence in english), so daughter is still smiling at my awkwardness! It’s ok – I’m having fun.

Oh, I’ve suddenly got myself a cellar! well – almost!

The bunnies have been digging and a nice deep hole has emerged in the middle of my ‘meadow’! I thought it would have to be renamed: ‘Prairie’, because of the hole, but then I realised, that a prairie has very few if any trees, and I have two apple trees, so now I’m thinking it’s gonna be named: ‘Wood’ – trees, flowers, a little if any grass, and holes! Yupp! Must be ‘Wood’! 50 – 60 m2 of Wood!  – – –  T-Dane Woodlands! – – – Has a nice ring to it! Or maybe Artsy Woodlands – AW for short!

THAT’S IT !!! Artsy Woodlands – AW !!! Bunny Country – AW!BC – I’m giggling uncontrollably now, so I think it’s bedtime for me! ok – it’s 3:32 in the night, so it IS bedtime!

From AW!BC over and out!