Well, my little adventure in the spring sun had some kind of price. I hadn’t really thought the whole thing through – at least not thoroughly enough – and ended up with serious problems in my lower back!  I might have been able to figure out, that it wasn’t really warm in the shadow – and my a… behind might be defined as a shadow giving thing of the more destinct kinds, so pay I did! It took 4 days for me to be able to move around without looking like a question mark!

Ok, so it’s been noted in my book! Other than that set back, I’m preparing for an exhibition in the whoe of april month (sounds weird – hope you understand) where I’m having all of my painting on an instiution where they are constantly having paintings on exhibit and lots of people coming to visit, so I hope I’ll sell some! That would be really cool!

Perhaps sell enough for my dreams to come through: I’m in urgent need for another computer due to my use pattern having changed, so this one is inadequent. At the same time I really wish I could come for the congres in Boston – LeakyCon – and I also dream of attending a movie premiere on one of the 3 Harry Potter coming up during the this and the next two years! Oh – why not dream of attending all 3? – And the parties too! That would be so cool!

Dreams are not bad to have – it’s actually what makes life going on and I still have lots of dreams! One of the more ‘important’ ones – one that’s more important for others than me, is to attend the Dimission from my daughters 9. school-year! Here in DK, it’s the end of what we call ‘ground-school’ and the kids go from here to either targeted educations in what can be compared to high-school (3 years) preparing for university or similar, or they can attend industrial schools or just go out to get a job! There are some ritual over this part of school ending and I think daughter will really like to have me there, so I’m looking for a solution to be there!

This particular day has been a great one, with several paintings done and I can now do the final prep’s for the exhibition – print out pamphlets and put prizes on the paintings, make sure they have things to hang from and little details like that. I’m really looking forward to this exhibition – not sure why, but it’s nice that I’m not worried and that I’m ready to sell the paintings. It’s gonna be a busy but good week.