It’s unbelievable, but I’m actually sitting on a chair outside in the sun! Thermometer shows 53 deg.F. in the shadow, but wind makes it around there in the sun as well, I think! But even so, it’s soooo beautiful, I just can’t resist keeping the bunnies company for ½ hour or so, me wearing my knitted, woollen poncho and bunnies in their fur coats, so only my fingers are a bit cold. The mug with tea is really a help to warm fingers up a bit.

The white Christmas Rose (Hellebore niger) is more beautiful this year than ever before and the red variant is healthy as always. Bunnies are crazy with the green leafs from them, but it seems the plants are benefitting from their munching, because its only after the bunnies began eating from the leaves that the plants got so healthy! Weird, but nice for all of us.

Right now I’m being groomed by Juice – the male albino. He’s making certain my ankles are nice and clean – well clean at least! And there’s a lot of birds in the garden this year. They’ve already moved into one of the nests (I’ve got 4 man-made boxes – all different types) but I’m only certain of having parenting birds in one of them! I’ve fed the birds all winter and continue over summer too, to make them familiar with the place being a feeding spot. Previous years the crows or magpies has been rude to the small birds, so they’ve avoided our gardens (we have 4 small gardens in a row where I live) for 4-5 years, but last year some of them came back and this year is seems there are a lot coming, so they should be able to keep together against the bigger bullies! Well that’s part of nature visiting a not so natural environment as gardens are. Part of why I’ve given up having a trimmed nice garden with flowerbeds and without weed is, that I would like bunnies, birds, “my” toad, porcupines and whatever else would like to visit to be able to find food and shelter here. And as my physique deteriorate it’s very nice not to have the grooming of a garden to think about. Especially avoiding the garden to be a nuisance is important, as it is my resting, ‘kind of meditation spot’ and now also bunny land, so why not leave the part of the garden alone, where the trees gives shade and where there was grass I now throw all kinds of seeds to give variation both to the eyes and the bunnies’ food supply!  Nice, I think!

Now I sit and look forward to the time that comes, where sitting in the garden under the apple tree and enjoying life, bunnies, and the warm days means a lot to me! Even with my fingers freezing (it feels like it!) it makes me happy to sit and listen to the sounds around me as it is pure joy.

Life is good right now this minute. And now I’ll go inside and try to warm up the fingers! 45 min.! WOW! Yay – party!