Yesterday I had the experience to have not one, but TWO of life’s good things to happen to me!

When temperature and weather permits I go out and say good night to the bunnies! It’s a double function, because I check that they are ok as well as checking the sky out! So yesterday I checked out a wonderfully dramatic sky with lots of fast moving clouds and a partial moon sticking out once in a while, and then I bend down to check the female, but had to have my head right up to the grill to see where she was, and it turned out she was right up there too which I only realized until she licked my nose!!!  Now for a bunny, licking is “I like you”, so I was very touched by her affection! It’s really so rewarding to build up the confidence in a little nervous animal and turn them into happy, social and relaxed parts of our family!

The second thing was a new book! It’s about Alchemy and basically starts out telling about the principles and to my surprise, I already have knowledge to most of the principles in it, but it seems to take the things into a different context and I can learn to work with them in a healthier – for me – more constructive way! I felt so very elated when I went to sleep and I even had several dreams and in one of them, I remember having seen where the key to the valuable things in my house! A good dream telling I’m right on it – right next to solving the puzzle to where I can find my inner “value”!

So tonight I’m looking forward to get into bed and continue the journey – both in the book and in dreams!