hehe – wonder what the internet will make of the title above?

To be close to a friend!

To be close to a friend!

A really nice week with a little shopping with mom-in-law, so she could get curtains by the windows on her balcony! It’s one of those balconies that are almost like an extra room except for not being ALL closed and isolated. Still it prolongs the “outside season” with 4 months at least. Nice we could get that purchase done before the season starts because she has to have help installing the darn things, so it’s on others time schedule she has to rely!

But back to bunnies! It’s this spring monster time! Snow, rain, warm, cold, sunny, stormy and everything getting ready to burst! There’s an excitement in the air and pollen! Already – yeah! Hazel has made it’s entrance as every year and eyes water, nose closes and “moody blue” enhances!!! I’m really happy I’ve found a place that’s able to put a smile back on my face – both the people on and behind Leaky can provide all kinds of laughs, giggles, smiles, snorts, chuckles and what-not!

Ok So I baked a cake and cleared the house! Took a bath and made sure I was not disturbed all saturday! I didn’t even sleep particularly long time, because I had this good book, I had planned to read and so I ventured into … Harry Potter, Deathly Hallows! Oh, I never get tired of that book! It was a perfect day and evening and night and well into sunday, where I had to get ready for a birthday party at some friends.

A very nice and stimulating day, though during late afternoon I had to get home and since I’ve been sick! Unfortunately I hadn’t been careful enough, so I got some wheat and that’s not only annoying but it hurts a lot in the stomach region! Yet it didn’t destroy all of my positive vibes from a nice day off! It won’t be my last. I’ll definitely create such a breath of silence at least once a month! After I got home on sunday and was up all night anyway – I read the last chapters of the book some 3-4 times more! They are soooo good!

Now I’m just getting better by the day and getting ready to have daughter home for a small window of  “visit”, meaning she’s home but as she’s at a party with friends on friday – staying ’till saturday and then we’re making a movie night here on saturday evening and on sunday she’ll have a little sleep-in – but then she’s off for training with the Parkour friends! and then she’s off for school directly from there! Gosh I could get stressed out just from thinking about it! But she’s a tough kid and if anyone can, she’s the one to have fun with all the activity. So I really don’t worry but try to support where it’s needed!

I’m enjoying that light is lasting longer for each day going by. It’s more energizing to get up and get the bunnies out of the cages when there’s lots of light and when temperature is also rising – very slowly, but never the less – then it’s very promising, and it won’t be long until coffee in the morning can be drunk in the garden in company with the little furry bundles around!