Having had trouble with sleeping seems to get less troublesome these days. ^_^
An attempt to break into my garden – where absolutely nothing of monetary value can be found – was interrupted by me, and the young guys were yelled at so the whole town could hear me!
A painting seems to be accepted for a logo on T-shirts.
An article to my housing area’s “newspaper” was accepted right away without edit!
Daughter had a terrific weekend with boyfriend in Hamburg.
Spring is here!

Life is good!

It’s ups and downs and corners being an accepted part, makes it much easier to cope and I’m still working on that acceptance.
Leaky’s Reading Group’s are storming forward and work there is a bliss, fun, interesting and challenging. All positive – and what a crowd in there! People there are nice and positive although it’s not at all a homogenious group like in all having the same views on things – on the contrary – debates are being very vibrant and varied! Also subjects I didn’t even know existed before – like Alchemy which is quickly turning out to be my favourite – is teasing the mind and keeping the little grey ones at work.
Now tomorrow I’m going to the dentist and to the last painting class in this term in the evening. Great news is, that a new term starts on 31. of march and I’ve already signed up for it. Even though it’s the evening where I have to go and install the paintings-exhibition that takes place all of april, I’ll still work on getting to attend some of the evening, but it’s really up to the person that takes me there and help with the practical stuff, whether we can do both! Anyway it’ll be ok and I really look forward to taken another term with that teacher. He’s very inspiring.
Ok, but now I’m heading for bed and look forward to sleep!