The last couple of weeks time’s been running it seems to me!

There’s a hectic activity on Leaky in the Reading Groups and Daughter has her Winter holiday week right now, and on top of that I’ve been busy with a painting that’s important to me to get finished now that I’m in a painting class and can get some qualified critique that I can use to get things done better. It’s very exciting to be taught by a painter with knowledge. The classes I’ve been able to attend has been so cool and I really feel, I’m moving in my technique and it’s getting easier to express what I’m trying to tell.

I’ve already got new painting ready in my head – actually right now they’re piling up, so I really need to be busy to have any use of them! No worrys I’ll get there! And I’m planning to make a batch of miniature painting for my exhibition in april. They could be a nice extra feature and the other painters claim they are easier to sell – so I’ll try that out too.

The past two days I’ve spend some of the night dreaming on-line about getting to attend the LeakyCon in Boston! No harm done in dreaming, and it’s really nice if  it suddenly turned out money was there!!! And if that don’t work, I’d at least have found out how to get to the US ’cause there’s the themepark to visit in 2010 (I think) and there’ll be an event next year also with Leaky to attend, so knowledge is never wasted!

Other than that I’m still pondering about the “demon” I’m fighting these days. I’ve suddenly realized I don’t really bother much about it! It’s not worth it and I’ve got a lot of good things going for me, so why continue giving him room? – or the energy! *sigh* I wonder if he’d “drop dead” if I cut off the energy? Funny thought. Memories can be a pain in the butt and especially when they threaten my peace of mind. Hm, I wonder if the memory should be treated the same way I have to learn to treat my pains! Worth thinking about! Maybe they’re related in some way?

Anyway – paintings first!