The whole production of paintings from 2008 has finally come up on my painting blog! What a job! They had to be resized before upload and text in both danish and english! Hm, I’ll probably have to go back some times to edit blunders and bloopers but the intention is genuine and should shine through it all.

On Leaky Cauldron I’ve managed to upload photos of HP-related paintings today too, and I’ve also participated in some of the activities there, so I think I’ll choose to be quite happy with myself today!

Tuesday I started out in a paintings class with a whole new instructor. He’s very interesting and I got yet another HP related painting well up and going strong, so I have high hopes it’ll be really good. Now I just have to find a good photo of a Lily!

Now I’ll go and lie down and see how far Ford Prefect and Arthur Dent will go before I’m unable to read any more.