So how DID the old year go?

To me it brought great new experiences and the feeling of having been given the opportunity to be a contributor in new ways. The feeling of being stuck and even a nuisance is gradually diminishing and I’m working to further eliminate both! Being a mom is still the best thing I ever did, but the doubt along the way lay in the thoughts about whether it was best only for me – or if the child I brought into the world sees life as a gift too!

Daughter has had the most extraordinary chance to grow into her own skin without my constant chattery – I can’t keep my mouth shut! – and she seems to be having a ball in the boarding-school very far away from home, and furthermore I think it has given me an opportunity to shut up for a while and start thinking! Not bad, seeing what that silence brought me. Friends have carried me a long way as have some family-members but to be able to carry myself is very rewarding to me and if I can even contribute outside my own little bubble it’ll make a difference – I guess to others too! ^_^

It became to most productive year regarding my painting and I even managed to make a sale! A big thing to me. One of my New Years Resolutions is to get my blog about my paintings up-to-date! And it WILL be in a short while.

Productive, also when it came to on-line activities.

I joined the Leaky Cauldron and litterally entered a whole new world. Never before had I seen the beauty in the written word the way I do now. My litterature teachers (and there has been many!) would not recognize this, but I imagine old Mr. Jensen (my favourite over them all) jump up and down, where-ever he is now, in sheer joy over this un-expected development, even though he was the only person to ever express any confidence in my litterary abilities. He told me in grade I had a keen eye for the written word. Since I was 5 I’d always read lots of books. Enjoying to let the real world disappear and get swept away to foreign places. But it was only to escape I read. Now I suddenly find myself thinking! EWW.

The escaping by reading started slowing down when hubby died. Real Life simply took all I had and reading became about learning factual things. Getting an education was key to me and actually to my family too and trying to escape came only when I read about science and things to get wiser. I didn’t really know what to get wiser about, but I had a blurred idea it was about being a wise mom! After my back broke down reading became – it seemed – impossible.

Harry Potter (HP) – J.K.Rowling – turned my life into something else. Actually Dan Brown – Demons and Angels plus The DaVinci Code – was the first books I read in 6 years. Brother-in-law had a clear feeling they would be interesting for me and they were, but there was a long break until I started on HP and then things really started happening. Funny to look back on, because it’s been during the last year that this has been going on.

Not only reading HP, but I’m back on track reading lot’s of different stuff all the while I’m participating in the stuff going on on Leaky! What a treat! And what I gift to have to my daughter once she turns home next year and she sees that I’m still my own chattery self, only she is no longer the main target for my chattering!

Now I just send her all my thoughts of 2009 becoming a really bright and exciting year. She’s in Germany with her boyfriend and his family and I’m really enjoying just taking care of the bunnies and keeping my eyes out for what is going on outside! Really symbolic actually.

Happy New Year to all. May it be prosporous and full of joyful moments for all – and may peace come to the whole world!