Every year the tree here looks differently, cause I have so many ornaments!

Every year the tree here looks differently, 'cause I have so many ornaments!

Baking is done, there might be clean here, there’s a Christmas tree , Christmas gifts … are coming … I think, lists are made for shopping, sms’ are sent and received, wind is blowing (rather hard), Bunny Rabbits are stomping warnings – they hate hard wind, and I’ve been in a shower!

So Christmas could be coming now, couldn’t it? Well, I’m waiting for the wee lass to come home, but there’s so many friends to tend to, so she’ll not be home ’till evening. It’s cool there’s a holiday once in a while, ’cause then I’ll see with my own two eyes if she’ really as good as she says ^_^ and then when that’s settled, I can go on enjoying that she’s out to discover “the world” on her own – and I can continue enjoying my own little world. Even though it doesn’t seem to be very far-reaching, I do think it’s pretty interesting even if there’s lousy days, ’cause the good days are outnumbering them at the moment.

Now I’m thinking ’bout

  • if there’s cookies enough for Christmas
  • if the things I inevitably forget is important
  • if there’s going to be snow
  • if Santa Claus is coming here
  • if the big Lottery is coming to me this year

But NOT if it’s going to be Christmas, ’cause that’s inevitable too!!!