I’ve sold paintings! My first sale ever! Whoa! What a feeling!

A bit confused some of the time right after confirmation of the sale, but also intruiged and proud!

Today the two paintings were fetched, house got cleaned (every thursday), I had some of the practical chores on my to-do-list done, daughter’s room that never got a chance to function after we moved back after the renovation of the house but is now in perfect working condition, then I had some nice food (leftovers from yesterday) and after a final stroll through the house getting all in order here, I got to make that writing I had in store – inspired by some few words I first had discarded, but then they kind of grew under the surface and I finally had the text going and am now finished for the day (night)!

I’ve made a shopping list for tomorrow and can really enjoy the thought of having J. coming home for the weekend, she’ll be getting the boxes with christmas-decorations down from the attick for me, and maybe we’ll have some cookies made for the holiday, but only if we don’t hang around all saturday watching movies and eating Tortilla-chips with hot Taco-sauce!  Can be a lot of fun too just to hang out like that! We sit each with a computer, having the movie running and chatting with friends online – or getting all reeled in by the movie if it’s good!

Now I think it’s about high time, I’m off to bed! ^_^ (3:53 at night here)