Everything came together today and I got the painting(s) done that has haunted me for a week now! I’ve even been a bit anxious about them – like having writer’s block I guess!

Now the painting(s) are really cool – I’m so very pleased with the result and that’s not half bad seeing I’m sending them to my american friend.

She’s a real delight to chat with and a very bright girl, and extra cool thing is, she can sometimes give me a teen’s point of view, whenever daughter get’s on my nerves or is just plain “impossible”. Then it’s priceless information she can provide and anger/frustration can disappear! Sometimes when I then approaches daughter with my “new point of view”, she rolls her eyes and tell me that’s what SHE said in the first place! AH, communication is a bitch!

But I’m done with the paintings, I’ve had healthy food to eat this evening and all in all, I’m pleased with myself! Not at all a bad day! So back to fighting fever and tomorrow it’s time to pamper the bunnies a bit!