The american Thanksgiving Tradition is based on how the original ‘founders’ was thankful for a good harvest. It later got connected to something spiritual/christianity (like soo many pagan celebrations), but fact is it’s not all together a bad idea to have a moment of thankfulness towards all that’s good in life!

Me? – I’m thankful for each and every day that I didn’t give up and give in! – basically! But to be more specific there’s actually a lot of good things going on for me right now!

Daughter is doing good being away on boarding-school, growing in the sence that she is becoming confident, wiser and smarter about a lot of things. I love to see her in her new role and look forward to see what is becoming of her!

Home is newly renovated and slowly but surely turning into a really nice, calm place to spend time in. Fact is that I’m really depending on it to be a safe-haven and nice place to spend as much time as I have to as I’m really stuck here from time to time so it’s highly significant to my well-being but also to the people coming to spend time with me. Then there’s the ‘WE’ as it’s also my daughter’s home and she’ll be coming home again next summer, so I’m also cautious to have the house be HER safe haven and to be able have her friends come and feel at ease. We, the humans in the house, is what makes it work – or not, but to take notice of colours, functionality and so on is also important. I think of it as the eyes having to like what they see and not get disturbed by too much “ugliness”.

Bunny-rabbits are really a joy to be a host to! Female, Sille, is slowly letting go of her anxiety when-ever any of us touches her. We have gotten the impression, that she is ‘hand-shy’ – maybe from abuse or just simply from not being attented to. Nobody really knows, but I’m enjoying that she is developing into a more and more confident little creature. Now she can get out of the cage on her own by the slide, where she started out being scared stiff to just go near it at the beginning! Male, Juice, is doing so brilliantly. He is just like an eight year old boy being self-sufficient yet very playful and trying to get attention! But he’s learnt to get into the cage on his own instead of being caught by me and put inside when sun went down! I didn’t really teach him, he just found out on his own! He’s a perfect example – I feel – of how much it means when an animal has never been in a bad situation. He just don’t have to overcome any struggles with bad ‘memories’ and thus can be much more relaxed to learn and be curious! But that’s just what I mean!

Then there’s this whole new world – and it really IS the world – where I spend my evenings and most my nights (and sometimes part of the days) and I’m of course referring to Leaky Cauldron! There I find challenge, new discoveries, conferment and have a great sence of achievement! Not only have I become part of a fandom with whom I can share my passion for the Harry Potter books, but I’ve also found myself welcome as a more creative part of staff behind a reading group! It’s huge for me in the sence, that I’d almost given up hope to ever find a way to relate to others directly. In my job I could make a difference for a lot of people, but as a retired disabled person I could cling to being a mom (to great annoyance to my daughter who had to put up with being the center of all my waken hours), so by finding my own ‘playground’ and gain personal satisfaction this way is a huge step forward! I’ve barely time for blogging, I’m on Facebook to keep up with what’s happening in several other places and I’m throwing myself into new areas to edit and upload photos, to get more out of the computer and much much more.

Last but not least there’s my painting! Before Leaky it was the only way I could communicate without directly talking to others and still I’m at such a beginners stage, that it could not satisfy my need for human interaction, so it was on the verge of developing into an aggressive kind of passing time! Now it’s a really fun addition to other activities, daughter, bunnies, computer, Leaky and so on ’cause now I feel, like I have something to tell other than history! I have new experiences, new excitement and thus new energy to put into the painting, but I have to work with history too – I’m aware of that – just not so cramped as before!

So all in all, I’m thankful for opportunities and for having the courage to grab them!