I already have a blog, thank you very much, but that one is written in danish for friends and family in Denmark who likes to have just an eye on things happening in my house. Geography, health, time and what-not makes interactions difficult, but then tecnology helps with interacting anyway.

“they” won’t win, “we” will find a way!

Actually, I’ve found that blogging just made it easier to start a conversation, because somebody calling had a purpose with the call and didn’t postpone it! Postponing – as most people know – takes forever, ’cause suddenly 14 days went and only felt like 4 – it’s like magic!

Now this english (almost – I’m terrible with grammar in ALL languages including my own) blog is ment for the people I get to communicate with on-line in the various sites, where I participate in various activities. Mostly I spend time on Leaky Cauldron – one of many sites about and around the books about Harry Potter, written by J.K. Rowling. Lately I’ve even become a member of the staff on one of the reading groups.

Should anyone come along in here and not know what a reading group is, it’s an opportunity to thoroughly scrutinize a book, sometimes litteraly word by word, mostly a chapter or two for a week, where things that the readers had noticed as interesting, weird, fun or sad – or anything else really – and for Harry Potter books nowadays it’s done after the whole thing is finished, but nonetheless interesting, ’cause now it’s fun – and all the other stuff – to read it and find clues that should have been leading us in the right track but didn’t! Or for what-ever reason that suits the members!

I don’t know how much activity I’ll manage to cram in here, but I’ll try to update once a week!